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The Shopify App that makes Sustainability Effortless.

Conscious consumerism is on the rise, and there are ever-increasing pressures on ecommerce businesses to go more sustainable. The challenge lies in the fact that sustainable initiatives can be very costly, and they are by no means guaranteed to attract and retain customers. Verdn helps merchants by empowering them to go sustainable in a matter of minutes. It lets them add environmental pledges to specific products, and then boosts transparency and engagement by allowing end-customers to track their own impacts post-purchase. In this article, we’ve outlined the main benefits of adding Verdn to your store. Are you ready to help your consumers help you to offer sustainable pledges? Verdn is a sustainability app for shopify to watch!
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Verdn - Sustainability App For Shopify

Verdn is a sustainability Shopify app that empowers merchants to go sustainable in a way that increases engagement and sales. With Verdn, merchants can effortlessly attach different environmental pledges, like tree planting, or ocean plastic cleanup, to their products. Post-purchase, each customer is able to track their own impact on a tracking dashboard that is emailed to them. Verdn won 2nd place in Shopify’s 2020 App Challenge, and it was featured as a staff pick on the Shopify App Store in early 2021.

Increase post-purchase customer engagement
What makes Verdn stand apart from other Shopify sustainability apps, or from working directly with the vast majority of NGOs worldwide, is that the focus is on your customer. With Verdn, each of your customers get to track when their exact pledge is carried out, where in the world it happened, what NGO was involved, and which local communities were affected. All this information appears over time on unique tracking dashboards that tell a compelling story. This is a far cry from standard donations, where no one — maybe not even the charity — is fully aware of exactly where the money goes or how it is used, least of all the end-customer. The click-through rates to these tracking dashboards are consistently as high as 20% — 10x higher than average email marketing, according to benchmarking research by Mailchimp.

Pledge to world-leading NGOs and organizations
Verdn lets merchants pledge to various initiatives, like tree planting and ocean-bound plastic cleanup. In all cases, the money goes to world-leading NGOs or social enterprises that do cost-effective and transparent work where it’s needed most. As a merchant, you also avoid the setup costs that several of these organizations have.

Effortless Setup
Onboarding with the Verdn app takes about the same time as making a cup of coffee. There is only one single element of coding: a copy-paste of Verdn’s badge snippet into your store’s theme files. If there’s no one on your team who wants to go into the theme files, simply request a badge installation from within the app, and the Verdn team will do it for you. Once you’re onboarded, you can add pledges to one product at the time, or in bulk, depending on what suits.

Verdn’s pricing is simple and transparent. All merchants pay a monthly fee for the software after a trial period. There are different plans available to suit your needs, starting at $29/mo. Additionally, each pledge available in the app is priced, and each time you sell a product with an embedded pledge, Verdn will charge you that amount. Pledges start at $0.75.

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Features Of Verdn - Sustainability App For Shopify

Verdn has a rapidly growing user-base, and a rapidly growing feature-set to match. As an award winning Shopify app for sustainability, Verdn is a really exciting set of features that merchants can add to their store. The team has an extensive roadmap planned for 2021, which includes giving merchants more data on how their own customers engage with their pledges, tools to easily showcase their total impact as a business, and initiatives to drive traffic back to the merchants’ stores.
Create Impact Products
With Verdn, you can attach various environmental pledges to your products. Different products can have different types, and sizes, of pledges. You can create these impact products one at the time, or in bulk. There are three types of impact available today, and more are expected later this year.
Dynamic Impact Badges
Every time you add a pledge to a new product, Verdn’s impact badge will appear to all visitors of that product page. The badge will dynamically showcase the right type and quantity of impact. Verdn is also adding in more design variations of the badge to ensure it fits seamlessly into all Shopify themes and branding styles.
Unique Tracking Dashboards For Customers
Each customer that buys a product with a pledge gets an email invitation to view details and updates about that pledge on a unique tracking dashboard. The click-through rate to these dashboards is as high as 10x the industry average for marketing email.
Fully Customizable
Besides deciding exactly what products have what pledge, merchants also set their own branding inside the Verdn app. This propagates to all emails sent out to customers, as well as all the tracking dashboards, creating a seamless customer experience.
Approved Shopify App
Verdn is an approved app listed on Shopify's app store. You can install Verdn simply by heading over to the apps tab when you are logged in and press "add" to add it to your store. For bespoke builds we can support the integration and even help you maximise the look and feel to match your store.
Looking for a sustainability app for Shopify? We recommend Verdn!
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