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Shopify Editions Winter 2023 - Shopify releases over 100 new features.

Last updated: May 24, 2023

Shopify continues to innovate and improve its ecommerce platform and releases information on its newly shipped features during a bulletin called "Shopify Editions". Shopify Editions Winter 2023 has not disappointed with over 100 new features including a one-page checkout, improved speeds, and a drag-and-drop checkout editor. The launch of the latest improvements is not only incredibly exciting for the Shopify community but also for the merchants who will be able to leverage the incredible new features and deliver the best online experience to their ecommerce customers. Shopify continues to innovate it's platform to allow businessses of all fields around the globe to thrive and grow. Shopify is built on relationships of merchants, partners, apps and of course customers to bring some of the most amazing online experiences to life.

This article explores some of the biggest new feature releases in Shopify Editions and what they mean! See more about Shopify Editions on the official feature release page.
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What is Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is Shopify's documented release of its newest features and they sure haven't disappointed with their 'Shopify Editions Winter 2023' release. This Shopify Edition brings over 100 new features focusing on improving the customer experience online to make it easier for brands to sell through the platform. This Shopify Edition focuses on 8 key areas which we'll explore in this article. Please note this article does not include every single new feature release, you can visit their website for a complete list.

Improvements to Shopify Conversion Rates

The first set of firsts we'll discuss are those of Shopify that have been released to help improve the conversion rate of buyers on Shopify stores.

Improved Shopify Site Speed
Given that Shopify provides the hosting for theme-based Shopify stores, it's vital that the servers perform well and the architecture can manage the scale that Shopify brands require. Shopify has expanded its global infrastructure with now 270 points of presence around the world and more being deployed - stores are seeing sites performance twice as fast!

One-Page Checkout
We are so excited for the released updates to the checkout page functionality! The Shopify checkout has historically been something of a frustration for many brands wanting to offer a highly personalised look and feel, or of course to have a one-page checkout reducing the checks and pages required at the most crucial point of a customer's journey. Well, the good news is Shopify is rolling out an overhaul one-page checkout that is faster, higher-converting and reduces friction.

Drag-and-drop Checkout Editor
Whilst Shopify Plus merchants have been able to make cosmetic changes to the checkout by editing the checkout.liquid file, now Plus merchants can leverage the drag-and-drop checkout editor to add checkout apps to the checkout experience and customise the checkout branding too with ease. This does require an upgrade to checkout extensibility.

Shop Sign-In & Shop Promise
Shopify's Shop Pay is their answer to one-click checkout and now can be used to build trust with customers but also customers can use Shop to sign in earlier in the buying journey to make checkout even easier when they decide to buy!

AI Writer
Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have seen the uprising of ChatGPT, but Shopify is listening and has implemented an AI auto-writer to add text content with ease to the Shopify frontend for example write product descriptions with the click of a button!

Improved Search & Recommendations
Search & product recommendations are vital for customers to find the most relevant products and also the ones customers are the most likely to buy. Shopify has enhanced search & recommendations to allow customers to see search results in real-time, see more relevant results and even receive product recommendations without the need for historical purchase data too!

New Made by Shopify Apps
Shopify is also releasing two exciting new home-grown apps - Shopify Bundles & Shopify Discounts. We always love product updates! Shopify Bundles will allow sellers to sell multiple products in bundles and offer a single price accordingly! You'll be able to control sizes and products in bundles with ease. Shopify Discounts apps will be an example apps of how Shopify Functions can be used to combine multiple discounts or offer more discount types like a gift with a purchase. Of course, custom apps can be built with Shopify Functions to offer bespoke discount requirements.

Improvements to how merchants sell cross channels

Whilst the primary way that merchants sell on Shopify is via their online stores, Shopify does make it very easy to sell products across other channels too. Shopify POS and POS Go allows merchants to sell in-store with Shopify's hardware and system powering transactions whilst also keeping products and inventory in sync. Gift cards are now included with POS! Shopify has also released a native integration to allow Shopify merchants to sell their Shopify products on
Youtube with ease! Finally, brands selling on the Shopify Shop App now have enhanced levels of customizability on their storefronts too!

Updates to how brands sell globally with Shopify

Shopify has supported international selling with the release of Shopify Markets and Shopify Plus multi-store, however, they haven't stopped there with the launch of a Translation app and Shopify Markets Pro.

Shopify Translate & Adapt App
Store translation is something that historically was managed by a third-party provider or via the not-so-easy language files, but Shopify has now released a translation app to allow you to offer your store in the native languages of the visitor, you can even pair this app with Shopify markets so everything remains in sync.

Shopify Markets Pro
Whilst currently only being trialled in the USA, Markets provide offers a complete cross-border shipping and fulfilment solution and shopping experience allowing merchants to offload tax filing, automatically remove items with restrictions for a particular market and access fraud protection on every cross-border order. Shopify Markets Pro is in collaboration with Global-E, if you require this or more advanced requirements and tools then we recommend you consider Global-E directly.

Other great internationalisation features released include order routing for specific markets and the ability to show unique products to different markets too!

Improvements to B2B & selling wholesale

Whilst Shopify previously launched an entirely new
B2B selling platform within Shopify Plus, they've of course improved the B2B features even further. Now Plus merchants selling B2B can set up minimum order quantities, quantity rules, set maximums, set increments and even set unique rules for different customers. Other great new B2B features include easy reordering, so B2B customers can re-order their favourite products with ease. Finally, Shopify has released specific B2B invitation emails, and the ability to send checkouts to draft and offer unique products to B2B customers.

Improvements to acquiring and engaging customers

Following the IOS14 update, acquiring new customers has become increasingly challenging for merchants but Shopify has been finding new ways for brands to find new customers. Shopify has released Shopify Collabs to allow brands and influencers to work together and earn commission for when referred customers purchase. In additional, Shopify Audiences, the platform that uses Shopify data to create grouped lists to target with adverts has been extended from Facebook to Google and Pinterest too. Finally, the people at Shopify has proceeded full steam ahead with Shopify Email, offering marketing automation and even allowing checkout buttons with emails.

Tokengated Commerce
With the rise of NFTs Shopify is certainly not standing stand, now merchants can distribute their own unique NFTs to create exclusive perks to reward token holders.

Improvements to fulfilment & delivery

Updates to any ecommerce platform are often around the useability and features it offers, however Shopify has offered improvements to how customers are informed and receive their goods.

Shop Promise
Shop Promise allows merchants to display the recognisable 'Shop Promise Badge" next to an estimated delivery. Shop Promise orders come with a limited Guarantee from Shop, which covers your customers’ shipping fees if a delivery date is missed—at no cost to the merchant. Shop Promise is only for eligible merchants. Seeing the option of guaranteed delivery is a great trust signal giving customers confidence in their purchase.

Smart Order Routing
Shopify now allows merchants to route orders to the most optimal location and prioritise certain locations over others to avoid duties and customs fees. This new feature can be used for both your warehouse management and partial third-party logistics management.

Enhanced Inventory Tracking
Whilst you can still track incoming and committed inventory amounts, you can now get an accurate view of on-hand and unavailable quantities across your locations within Shopify too, this prevents misplaced stock, and over-ordering and most importantly minimises lost sales and money when you think have less stock than you do!

Improvements to the way you manage your businesses

Shopify will often be the centralised dashboard of any ecommerce business and Shopify has released some great new features that help merchants manage their business as easily as their ecommerce store. New features include; more granular permissions for staff members, set up unique Shopify alerts for things like stock, improved reporting, Shopify tax to easily manage US taxation state by state, an improved mobile app and finally an improved Shopify app store too.

Improvements to development architecture

Finally, Shopify has delivered improvements to it's headless capabilities for enterprise brands.
Shopify Hydrogen, the headless framework, built to improve the way developers launch headless stores with Shopify, has received further updates. Shopify Cart is globally deployed for faster response times and can even be used across multiple storefronts. Shopify has increased the storefront API Limit for newly launched Shopify Commerce Components. Shopify has also allowed developers to create metaobjects to make building grouped elements easier.


So there we have it, whilst we didn't include every feature, this guide to Shopify Editions Winter 2023 gives you a summary of the key headline changes from Shopify. We look forward to observing how our merchants take on board these changes to deliver the very best experiences for customers. Shopify is a ground breaking DTC platform and we cannot wait to be part of it's growth.
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