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We build custom, bespoke Shopify apps to maximise the way Shopify stores work and enhance customer experiences.

Charle is a Shopify agency with a wealth of expertise in designing, developing and launching custom Shopify apps. From bespoke back-end features, custom API integrations and enhanced front-end functionality, our team can support you to launch a custom Shopify app. We understand that sometimes the feature you require may not be possible with your theme or a similar solution on the Shopify App Store. Our custom Shopify app development services build bespoke apps to meet the needs of your business. Our custom Shopify apps leverage the best technology and advanced APIs to achieve complex functionality. We build apps that manage data, integrate third parties and build a more customised frontend experience for your customers.

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custom shopify app development
Custom Shopify app development.
Integrating a bespoke solution to your online store can bring a plethora of benefits to both your business operations and the users that interact with your brand. Benefits of Shopify custom app development include:

Easy customisation so that store owners can tailor the look and feel of their store to their individual configuration and requirements to maximise the user experience. Enhancing the shopping experience can in turn help improve KPIs such as conversion rate and average order value as they are given access to a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

Aiding backend functions and features such as managing customer accounts, setting up shipping options, updating content, and promoting sales. These backend functions can also solve specific problems, enabling store owners to address customer needs that the basic Shopify platform does not natively provide.

•Offering no monthly subscription or ongoing fees so that store owners only need to pay for the app once and can use it indefinitely, a very worthwhile investment in the long-term.

Boosting customer loyalty helps to ensure customers return to your online store, getting the most out of your customers by increasing LTV. Shopify custom app development provides direct customer access, allowing merchants to build relationships and making it easier to gain customer trust.
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shopify app development Shopify App Development Agency
Partner Shopify app development.
As a renowned Shopify agency, we have a wealth of experience providing bespoke integrations of leading Shopify apps. Integrating existing apps such as ReCharge Subscriptions, Yotpo, Klevu & Klaviyo, using a bespoke integration allows us to achieve unique customer experiences that are consistent with your brand whilst utilising the power of our tech app partners. Through consultation with our ecommerce experts, we can hand select the best Shopify apps and develop bespoke solutions from scratch to suit your individual needs and strategic goals.

From more sophisticated admin dashboards, to branded themes desighs for the cart and checkout, to unique marketing strategies and everything else in between. Integrating the latest Shopify app development can help brands push their ecommerce store to new limits and better reach long-term growth and success compared to using the standard Shopify functionality. With bespoke technology, businesses can stand out to other competitors in the industry- the amount of possibilities really are endless.

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shopify bespoke app Bespoke Shopify App Development
Case Study: Vytronix Guarantee Registration
We partnered with Vytronix a leading home appliance brand to design, develop and launch a product registration app that allows customers to register their purchases. The app looks up the Shopify customer database, creates a customer account or prompts login before storing all the registration data within the customer's profile within the Shopify dashboard to allow all the customer's data and order history to be in one place. The app leverages Shopify's API and sits securely within the store's app library.

Although Shopify offers a feature reach and easy to use back-end system, occasionally additional features are required. Vytronix needed a product registration system that would allow customers to register their products whilst allowing Vytronix' customer service team to easily retrieve this data. We designed and developed an entire bespoke private Shopify app that allows customers to register their product. Once a product is registered the app find the customer's account and stores the data directly within the back-end customer profile meaning the customer services team can see all the information about customers orders, details and product registration in one single place. We leverage Shopify's storefront API and a private app hosted with Heroku.
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renourish shopify app case study Custom Shopify App Development
Case Study: Re:Nourish Build A Box
We partnered with Re:Nourish to offer a customised partner app integration to achieve a branded build a box functionality on-site. Powered by ReCharge Payment's Bundle functionality, we integrated a bespoke branded on-site experience that encourages customers to build their box and even upsell with add ons. Re:Nourish offer customers a huge level of flexibility in choosing soup flavours of their choice with a brand-centric and easy-to-use build-a-box functionality. The functionality allows customers to initially choose a box size of their choice - either 6, 12 or 24 bottles.

Following the box size choice, customers can fill their box with a limitless combination of flavours. We leverage ReCharge subscription's powerful bundle functionality whilst maintaining RE:NOURISH's strong visual identity. Accompanying the sales experience, existing customers have full control over future subscription orders within their my account area - customers can update, change, skip and upgrade their box with ease. Lastly, Re:Nourish remain in full control over the configuration of products and build-a-box using ReCharge's back-end management system.
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shopify app designers and developers Shopify Custom App Development
We are a Shopify custom app development agency ready to design and launch your bespoke app.
Ecommerce brands that integrate bespoke solutions foster greater performance for their online store through functionalities that are not natively supported through the Shopify platform alone. From more seamless checkout processes, integration of flexible subscriptions, to the efficient delivery and fulfilment of orders, these advanced tools and features help merchants improve the user experience and ultimately revenue generation in the long term through the power of Shopify custom app development.

Have any questions about how bespoke apps and software can help your business? We take the complexity out of the process. Get in touch with our Shopify app development team today to discuss an overview of your project and take the first steps to maximising your ecommerce store's full potential.
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