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The Best Customer Support App For Shopify

Managing the day to day needs of your customers, both pre and post sales can be a challenge for some of the biggest ecommerce providers. As customer support demands grow, so can the ability to maintain control and keep track! Maximising efficiency and managing all your customer support requests is vital to stay on top and offer the best experience for your customers. Gorgias is one of the best ecommerce support tools available for your Shopify store and it allows merchants to efficiently manage customers, questions and day to day support request. We love Gorgias's product so much we've teamed up to help our brands implement it into their e-commerce websites. This article is all about the great features that Gorgias has to offer!
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What is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a customer support platform that has been specifically built for e-commerce businesses. The customer support provider offers a Shopify specific app available in the app-store that easily integrates with all Shopify stores. It has been designed to make communicating with your customers as easy as possible, by integrating all the possible channels they can contact you on into one easy-to-use app. Channles gorgias integrates includes email, Facebook, SMS and live chat.

The customer support tool hosts a huge range of great features that make manging your customers a breeze. Gorgias offers one central dashboard to manage all your support tickets in one place, what's more the tool links directly with all your sales data so all the customer data is displayed directly as you communicate with them. The tool goes the extra mile allowing support staff to edit orders, subscriptions and refunds directly from your helpdesk. The tool offers an entire solution with automation features that will automatically answer commmon questions prior to using your time and connecting with an advisor.

How does 'Gorgias' customer service help with sales?
Creditability and reliable of an ecommerce store has never been more important as consumers have more and more options available online. A great way to build trust is to offer outstanding customer support in all the ways a consumer may wish to get in touch. Quick replies, whether through Instagram, Facebook, live chat and email gives customers reasurance and builds trust. Great customer support gives your customers peace of mind making them much more likely to convert and purchase.
Integration & Set Up
Gorgias is incredibly easy to integrate within the Shopify platform, it also seamlessly connects with all your other Shopify and marketing platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, Instagram, Facebook, Yotpo, Recharge and more! Forget legacy software with weeks of develoment to set up the latest tech, through the power of Shopify and Gorgias you'll have outstanding customer support set up in a matter of hours not weeks!

The platform's costs begin at a modest $50 dollars for 350 monthly tickets however scales upto 6,000 tickets - dependent on your business requirements. Depending on your plan the platform then charges for an additional 100 tickets thereafter. All communication channels are included in all the packages too!

Changing Support Agents To Sales People.
Gorgias's customer support tool goes far beyond being a tool for just managing your Shopify stores's customer tool but it manages communication before customers even land on your website! You can track, manage users that post on your soial media content - offer them a discount directly from the Gorgias dashboard. What's more, the reporting ability allows you to track sales generated from your support agents from each channel individually. Take your customer support to a whole new level with Gorgias.

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Features Of Gorgias For Shopify

Gorgias is the first customer support solution to be officially recognised and certified by Shopify Plus. Supercharge your customer support with Gorgias. Get in touch today and we can help you integrate the platform with your new Shopify website!
Shopify Store Live Chat
With Gorgias you can speak to your Shopify customers directly from your website in real-time with live chat. Gorgias allows merchants to go the extra mile and trigger specific live chat campaigns based on particular pages of your website that a visitor is on. Gorgias takes ecommerce live chat to the next level, allowing you to revolutionise the meaning of customer support and transform it into an efficient sales channel.
Centralise Your Customer Communication
Gone are the days of getting lost amongst a busy email inbox and juggling your facebook messages, instagram comments and more. Gorgias offers a dashboard to manage all your requests in one single place, each customer support request creates a ticket allowing you and your team to keep track and offer the very best ecommerce customer support experience. Connect your social media accounts, support email addresses, phone numbers and more. You can reply to your tickets without leaving your helpdesk.
Converting Followers To Customers
Integrate your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts to respond to comments from posts and ads in one place. Every time a follower comments on your facebook, instagram posts or paid adverts - you can keep track directly within the Gorgias dashboard allowing you to reply instantly and even offer incentives to convince visitors to purchase. Never miss an opportunity to sell on social media again and offer an entirely tailored and personal social media strategy.
Speedy Replies with Templates
The Gorgias platform allows you to create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions. Write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a template to reuse it automatically. Variables include customer's names, product and order information to ensure you are delivering the most tailored reply efficiently - maximsiing the capcity to manage tickets within your customer support team.
Automatic Answers & Responses
Your team are likely to answer similar questions time and time again - revolutionise how you manage simple questions with automatic responses that delve into the data of the customer at hand. For example if a customer would like to see a status of an order or a pre-defined answer, you can automate upto 40% of your customer support tasks with Gorgias. Gorgias gives your customer support more time to deal with more complex requests and focus on selling to customers.
AI To Prioritise Your Requests
Gorgias uses advanced machine learning to detect the intent and sentiments of each message. By learning about tracking updates, return policies, and urgency, we help you set priorities and categorise tickets based on what they're about. For example it could categorise your requests based on orders, detail change or generic questions so your team can focus on the most time urgent customer support requests first. .
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