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Best SMS Marketing App For Shopify.

Rewind to the mid-2010s and ad-fuelled acquisition was king of the eCommerce jungle. Brands scaled by throwing up smartly designed Shopify stores around niche product sets, and dumping marketing budget into slick advertising creative for social media platforms. But the days when you could give $1 to Facebook and expect $10 in return are long gone.

Online acquisition costs have jumped 60% since 2015, meaning retention - turning single orders into repeat purchases - is now critical. Blueprint are defining this new era of eCommerce by empowering brands to grow their businesses with authentic, two-way conversations with customers at scale. Blueprint work with 100s of the world’s fastest-growing online stores to build retention, community and revenue through one-to-one communication via SMS. Scroll down to discover how you can join us on that journey. Blueprint is a real game changer, taking SMS too the next level with Shopify and Shopify Plus. Are you ready to explore customer communication with SMS for Shopify?
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Blueprint - Conversational Commerce SMS Marketing App For Shopify

The Story Of Blueprint, told by Blueprint . . .

Blueprint is a conversational commerce SMS marketing app empowering scaling eCommerce brands to build retention with authentic, two-way conversations with customers. As eCommerce business owners ourselves, we struggled to truly understand our customers, build repeat purchases, and drive consistent revenue.

So one day we decided to augment our existing email and social channels by texting our audience directly. Suddenly, we began to have personal conversations that gave us more customer insight than any click through or page visit metric ever could, and it quickly became our most powerful means of scaling the business. That’s when we realized other brands could benefit from the power of one-to-one communication, and began our mission to transform eCommerce one conversation at a time.

How does Blueprint scale eCommerce brands retention with SMS for Shopify?
With Blueprint & Shopify, eCommerce brands use SMS marketing as a high leverage channel to build and monetize their owned audiences. We empower Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to understand what really makes their buyers tick by enabling personalized brand-customer conversations at scale across the entire customer journey. Customers receive text messages from a dedicated brand number, encouraging two-way dialogue and repeat purchases.

Our brands effortlessly turn single orders into multiple transactions with intelligent cross-sell and replenishment SMS marketing flows as well as subscription management and order skipping functionality.

We also drive revenue via abandoned cart recovery, segmented group campaigns and game changing one-click ordering. Blueprint, the cutting-edge Shopify SMS marketing app, ensures brands unlock LTV with deep, performance-led insights that offer qualitative and data-driven feedback, as well as predicting customer churn.

Integration & Set Up
Blueprint seamlessly integrates to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store in two minutes and deep links with your existing customer profiles. Our dedicated customer support team guides you through every step of the way, feeding back insights, advising on SMS marketing campaign strategy and tools to get the best out of Blueprint. We integrate with 50+ of your favorite Shopify & eCommerce tech solutions, including ReCharge to scale and manage your subscription offering with SMS communication at each stage of your Shopify customer journey. Blueprint is a guided SMS marketing app for Shopify with support at every step of the journey.

Pricing of Blue - SMS Marketing App For Shopify
Blueprint is available across four transparent pricing tiers to fit the needs of your scaling business. We offer a free messaging allowance with every plan, discounted annual costs, and flexible enterprise pricing - meaning supercharging your eCommerce retention has never been easier.

Are you ready to roll out a SMS marketing app For Shopify?

Learn more about the Blueprint, the SMS Marketing App for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.


Features Of Blueprint - SMS Marketing App For Shopify

Blueprint is a conversational commerce SMS marketing app empowering scaling Shopify brands to build retention, community and revenue with authentic, two-way conversations with customers via SMS. Whether you want to improve your relationships with customers or maximise conversion and LTV, our all-in-one product set has got you covered.
Conversational Inbox
Build long-term customer relationships by chatting one-to-one with individual buyers via your Blueprint dashboard. Collect qualitative feedback, solve queries pre and post order, and drag and drop personalized checkout links from your Shopify inventory directly into the message window. Every chat is linked to customer data synced from your Shopify store, so you know exactly who you’re speaking to and what they’ve purchased previously. Explore the feature here.
Automationed SMS Marketing Flows
Effortlessly drive retention with our fully customizable and intelligently timed automated message flows via our app. Personalized post-order transactional updates, review requests and cross sell and replenishment flows can all be scheduled and sent at scale. All customer replies appear in your conversational inbox enabling easy follow up. Explore this feature here.
Abandoned Cart SMS Marketing
Leverage the 90% open rates of SMS to recover revenue through timely abandoned cart flow messages. Personalized checkout links return customers to where they were in the payment process, whilst our chat functionality enables you to rapidly solve problems and overcome purchasing objections. Explore this feature here.
Group SMS Campaigns
Drive 12% conversion on new product drops by segmenting your audience based on Shopify purchase data and sending unique, pre-populated checkout links via SMS. Explore the feature here.
SMS & Shopify Subscriptions With ReCharge
Leverage our ReCharge integration to identify and upsell loyal customers from one-time orders to a subscription with 2-way conversations. Manage your subscriber base with automated subscription flows, whilst tackling product overload and churn with order skipping functionality. Explore this feature here.
SMS Marketing Insights For Shopify
Blueprint unlocks LTV with powerful customer and campaign specific data to send effective cross-sell and replenishment prompts. Our users also go beyond the metrics to truly understand their individual buyers with qualitative feedback, enabling them to mitigate churn before it’s too late. Explore this feature here.
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