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We design, build and launch entire bespoke themes to help Shopify & Shopify Plus stores deliver a truly unique and powerful user experience.

At Charle we build ecommerce stores with performance in mind. As an expert Shopify & Shopify Plus agency, we help brands profit from the strategic power of custom Shopify theme design and powerful bespoke development builds. Our team immerse ourselves in your brand to fully understand your business’s personality and requirements, crafting website which is made from scratch and pushes the boundaries of design to build a store with cutting-edge Shopify technology to make your store stand out from the crowd. We closely follow current trends and channel our inspiration to really create an impact when customers visit your online store, improving the chances that they make a purchase, and checkout items again with your brand again in the future to create Lifetime Value.

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Growth & Strategy

Custom Shopify theme development that focus on the goals of your business.

No matter what size or industry your Shopify store operates in, our expert team takes into account your brand's personal requirements and provides custom Shopify theme development to help support and promote long-term growth of your business. Our services can be used to bring the best side of your website to the forefront, creating a strong impression which lasts for your customers. What's more, no matter what place your customers are located, browsing in any language, our theme editor team give you the option for your store theme to automatically adapts to wherever your audience is located. Our expert developers are proficient in programming languages such as Liquid, Javasript, JSON, HTML and CSS to name a few, with expertise in a variety of tools for Shopify, Shopify Plus, Shopify Online Store 2.0 and more so that you can unlock your store's full functionalities and potential.

Using Shopify custom theme developer experts like Charle means that you can save a considerable amount of time in having to learn development tools to build a Shopify theme from scratch and all the issues that come with the process.Our Shopify custom theme development approach is masterfully carried out with long-term growth and scalability in mind, meaning that your online store is launched with the best practice techniques, tools and technology driven by data to get your customer base converting, every time.
shopify designers and developers Custom Shopify Theme Development - Discovery, Strategy and Planning
Discovery, Strategy and Planning.
The first stage and starting point in our Shopify theme development is the discovery, strategy and planning stage. This is where our specialist team of Shopify web designers do a deep dive into your brand to help get an understanding of your ideas and vision. We carry out rigorous ux design research and analysis of your direct competitors to consolidate a thorough understanding of your brand. During this stage, we plan in-depth sitemaps and technical architecture to ensure that the most efficient and conversion-centric user journey is delivered throughout your website, from product pages to categories and collection pages, and all the others in between.

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shopify designers and developers Custom Shopify Theme Development - Shopify Web Design
Engage customers with the best custom Shopify theme tweaks.
The second stage in our Shopify theme development is the web design stage. This is where our team develops wireframe and layout options and the core ux design of the pages of your website, ensuring they're crafted in such a way to make navigation as efficient as possible, maximise engagement of your content and sales potential of your products. Our Shopify website designs are always made bespoke for your business, meaning that each page, logo, images and custom theme is crafted from the ground up without the use of generic templates from the standard theme library. This helps make your online store unique and attuned to give your brand, creating an experience that customers will remember. With there being plenty of competition in the ecommerce space on all sorts of platforms such as Magento or BigCommerce, with thousands of stores launching each year, consumers expect more. It’s never been more important to stand out from your competitors so that people choose your brand.

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shopify designers and developers Custom Shopify Theme Development - Shopify Development
Shopify development that is optimised for results.
Once our team has designed your online store we’ll commence building a custom bespoke theme on Shopify or Shopify Plus. We have an in-house team of Shopify developers who have specialist knowledge in coding ux designs, for example: css and html, json and liquid, dawn and javascript, ruby, Shopify CLI and more, ensuring that every shopify theme store is optimised for all devices, browsers and any country. The best developer tools are used to ensure the platform you use is unlocks the fastest loading times. What’s more is that the best practice techniques and tricks are used when building the code of each page of your website so that the Shopify development theme is launched to rank highly on search engines, meaning more customers are likely to land on your website.

As a Shopify partner, we are able to recommend and implement bespoke integrations for your store according to your requirements, unlocking the very best features to give you and your customers advanced usability functionality. We can also build private Shopify apps, APIs and bespoke Subscriptions on Shopify to extend advanced functionality onsite and better satisfy users needs on your storefront. In the custom Shopify theme development process, we follow a series of steps to ensure efficient development and customisation. By working with the theme code and taking necessary actions, we create a tailored experience. The theme code we create is stored in a Git repository, allowing for version control and collaboration. Iur step-by-step approach saves you time, money, and effort. We understand the drawbacks and challenges of theme development workflow, but our experienced team handles them with precision.
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shopify designers and developers Custom Shopify Theme Development - Testing and Launch
Shopify stores launched seamlessly.
One of the final stages of our custom Shopify theme development is the extensive testing and seamless launch of your new Shopify storefronts. Our team carries out strict quality assurance across all elements, sections and components during these final stages to ensure that the online stores and websites that we support are set live to the world smoothly, removing any errors or bugs before the public can find them to maximise conversions. To see some of the ambitious and successful brands we’ve helped launch as well as the process involved, read through our case studies.

At Charle, we take pride in the Shopify custom themes that we create for our clients. We understand that the shopping experience the look of your online store should feel familiar to your brand identity. It is our mission to ensure the merchants we work have their vision come to life, with their ecommerce store unlocking all the benefits they can by leveraging Shopify theme development effectively. Get in touch today to discuss your custom project, from small changes and theme kit tweaks to your homepage or landing pages, or a full website overhaul and everything inbetween. Charle are on-hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.
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shopify designers and developers Custom Shopify Theme Development - Long-term Optimisation and Support
Long-term growth above and beyond the initial custom Shopify development.
Our offering extends way beyond the initial Shopify custom theme development. After we have successfully designed, developed and launched your online store, we also offer retainer optimisation and support packages, promoting long-term growth and giving flexiblity for our merchants and online store owners to allow them to improve, react to feedback and be fully supported by our team of experts.

Whether you want updates for conversion, pushing new products or pricing, tweaking the theme architecture, or to keep visitrs coming in, our optimisation and support helps keep your Shopify themes fresh and offers flexibility for clients wanting to switch up their design as they see fit. Trends change all the time, with new fonts, topics, and user experiences. This makes investment into a retainer all the more worthwhile as you can take advantage of remaining competitive, with improvements to speed and appearance so that you can achieve maximum results.

Having a professional team on-hand can can be unparalleled resources for reaching long-term strategic objectives of your business. Beyond the Shopify custom themes that we create, our team have a wealth of experience and use the best practices to improve metrics such as average order value, lifetime value, and ultimately the amount of traffic your site generates. Take a look at our services which complement our bespoke themes for Shopify, such as our custom Shopify app development integration, subcriptions on Shopify, and custom ecommerce stores built using headless architecture. Whatever your needs or budget, contact us to discuss your Shopify custom theme task or project today!
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