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Shopify SEO Agency.
Strategic SEO Services
By Shopify SEO Experts.

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We are a UK Shopify Specialist SEO Agency.

We are a Shopify accredited SEO agency, based in the UK offering search engine optimisation services to ambitious Shopify & Shopify Plus brands. Our Shopify SEO approach adopts a holistic and data-led strategy with well-informed expertise at the core. We combine the power of research, technical optimisation, on-page & content, backlinks and relentless data information analysis; our way to deliver commercially driven results. Our strategies discover existing competition using the best technology & apps within the SEO industry to relish in data to structure all aspects of a campaign. We work with our clients based on our people-first values combined with expertise at heart - something we are incredibly proud of.

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95% of web experiences start with a search engine.

So you've chosen Shopify as your ecommerce platform to power your business, but now you need more customers to find you. Google powers over 85% of all web searches and has an algorithm to rank websites. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a strategy to improve the rankings, targetting keywords that your customers are searching to allow you to gain more traffic to your products to increase sales, leads, ROI, revenue & conversions from your store. Our process combines a multitude of skills such as technical optimisation, link building & content optimisation combined with our wealth of knowledge to bring success to your ecommerce business.

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SEO Strategies crafted around your customer's searches
A keyword is a word or phrase that best describes a page or business. The keyword that a webpage focuses upon, not only should be relevant to the content of the page but it also should consider the search trends of your customers. By understanding the searches that your customers use, allows us to devise a strategy to help you improve your rankings on search terms that will give you more exposure to potential customers. We'll also consider additional data where possible such as PPC performance. Keyword research is at the very core of our Shopify specialist SEO strategies, we'll use leading tools to compare search volumes, ranking difficulty and even keywords your competitors rank on too. Our strategies are built with commercial insight to stand us apart from other agencies.
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SEO optimised content, written to engage more customers.
Content marketing for businesses is incredibly important for success across industry when improving SEO rankings and it is vital to engaging customers too. Content used within an SEO strategy includes new articles and blogs written with your business in mind, we'll also use new content to target specific search terms maximising impressions across search engines. On-site content SEO optimisation is also vital, your core pages of your store are the place that tells Google what your business is all about - as a Shopify SEO agency, we'll work with you to optimise some on-site content with your keyword targets in mind. Optimised content allows you to reap the advantage targetted organic traffic has to offer. We optimise in a number of ways including our subjective improvements combined with the power and features of AI for content relevancy.

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Let's Get Other Stores Talking About You
As Shopify SEO specialists, we don't just consider on-site optimisation within our strategies - we also consider the importance of backlinks. Google users backlinks as a metric of your presence amongst the web and other websites - i.e. if other websites link to yours then your site must be great! It's not quite as simple as that - Google also considers the reputation of the store that links to yours; known as domain authority to help decide who ranks at the top. We'll craft idea focused digital PR strategies to find backlink opportunities to maximise search visibility!
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Code Optimised For Search Engines.
We combine our SEO excellence with technical expertise to work not only with content and link improvements but also to optimise the elements and code of your store with the goal of maximising performance, speed and user experience. By adopting key development practices, we improve the crawl-ability of the store and indicate a positive user experience for customers - both are positive ranking factors for major search engines. We explore page structure, structured data, reviews, themes, URL optimisation, performance & speed, core web vitals, product descriptions, security and more within our audits. By identifying SEO issues & problems from our technical SEO audit, we craft a clear developmental roadmap for a performance-driven SEO strategy & success.
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Join an SEO Plan by Charle.
We deliver one single plan built on expertise and trust that includes a multi-disciplinary, expert level SEO strategy for your store with objectives and tactics to increase your position within search results whilst monitoring SEO results. Our team of SEO strategists, content writers, digital PR experts and SEO specialist developers to help you take your SEO strategy to the next level. We have a wealth of experience across a multitude of industries to launch a result focused SEO campaign. Results are the product of a multi-pinned strategy crafted by a team of experts from a range of strategies & skills. Tell us about your company & ecommerce store and start an SEO relationship with Charle today.
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We are an accredited expert Shopify agency we partner with brands to design, develop, launch, support and grow Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. We are a Shopify agency, ready when you are. Talk to our team about your project.
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We’re an Award-Winning Shopify Partner & Ecommerce Web Design Agency In London & Manchester.
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