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Product Review: The Key to Next Level Campaign Segmentation

Segmentation just got a serious power up from the new Okendo-Klaviyo integration. Could your email marketing campaigns benefit?

Things are getting personal in ecommerce. Really personal. In a crowded and competitive market, generic browsing experiences and catch-all communications simply don’t cut it. Personalization is no longer an additional flourish. It needs to form the essential bedrock of your customer experience. The key to any successful personalization strategy is smart segmentation. By sorting your customers into specific categories, you’re able to deliver relevant and appropriate messaging, offers, recommendations, and content to each segment. Ultimately, segmentation allows you to curate an unmatched customer experience that’s optimized for conversion and lasting brand loyalty.

To achieve this, you need to gather a wide range of customer insights. The new Okendo-Klaviyo integration unlocks a powerful new source of data that allows seamless synchronization of customer and product attributes. It enables you not only to capture valuable information, but also immediately leverage it in your marketing campaigns.
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What is Customer Data Sync? 

Customer Data Sync is just one of many functions made possible by the recently announced Okendo-Klaviyo integration. This highly anticipated partnership combines the value of user-generated content with the power of sophisticated email marketing.

The functionality is enabled by Okendo’s first-party customer data collection feature, Attributes. Attributes enable retailers to develop a granular understanding of their customers, by analyzing the data they reveal in product reviews. For example, an apparel brand can collect insights into a customer's exact size, height, or body shape.

This is a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of their likes, needs, dislikes and motivations. They’re talking about your products — but they’re really telling you about themselves.

Customer Data Sync takes the data gathered by Attributes within Okendo, and makes it accessible within Klaviyo’s customer data platform.

What does this mean for your marketing team?
Access to a whole new world of customer insights. These can be used to fuel highly personalized customer experiences, across a wide range of campaign types.

Beyond the more standard attributes such as gender and age, the information that Okendo can pull together via Attributes delves deeper into customers’ motivations, product requirements, interests and more.

The result? Campaigns benefit from truly advanced segmentation so they can be laser-targeted to delight, inspire and convert customers every time.

How to use Customer Data Sync to enhance your campaigns
The feedback a customer gives after making a purchase should tangibly impact the way your brand engages with them in the future.

The new Customer Data Sync functionality offers brands and retailers better insight into how they should be communicating with their customers, based on their individual experience.

The best brands understand that there is a strong connection between customer insights and developing competitive products and experiences. The key is to translate these insights into powerful, highly-targeted, and personalized campaigns that deliver optimal customer experiences.

Using the Customer Data Sync functionality, brands are able to create Product Recommendation campaigns within Klaviyo that only promote good-fit products. Tailoring product recommendations based on key customer and product information like age, use, and past purchases can dramatically improve a brand’s marketing efforts and help them forge deeper relationships with their customers.

Customer Data Sync Use Case: WAG
A great example of smart leverage of the new Customer Data Sync functionality comes from WAG, an Australian dog treats retailer that takes a natural approach to spoiling man’s best friend.

WAG used review data collected from Okendo’s Attributes feature to supercharge their segmentation strategy.

Factoring in insights into the feeding preference, medical histories and general character of their customers’ dogs, WAG took personalization to a whole new league in their email campaigns. They offered highly specific and relevant offers to each well-defined customer group.

The results they saw were truly impressive. Placed Order Rate jumped by 300%. At the same time, Revenue Per Recipient enjoyed a 423% increase. Open rate saw a 43% boost, and their emails’ Click Rate leapt by 64%.

Ready to level up your segmentation?
Customer Data Sync is just one of many powerful new functionalities unlocked by the new Okendo-Klaviyo integration.

With campaigns already leveraging its capacity for perfectly judged, intelligently targeted messaging, the days of broad brush stroke personalization are behind us. Get ready to take your segmentation — and success — to a whole new level.

Learn what the new Okendo-Klaviyo integration could do for your ecommerce brand.

Features Of Reviews App For Shopify - Okendo  

   Whilie you're here, why not learn more about what Okendo has to offer? Okendo is a strict Shopify only tech provider, specialising in high growth scaling merchants of all sizes. Check out some of the amazing features of Okendo below. From reviews to user-generated content, Okendo has you covered.
Okendo x Klaviyo
Consolidate customer communications by sending automated review requests triggered by Okendo through email or SMS in Klaviyo. Drive performance by showcasing ratings and reviews in triggered emails such as cart abandonment and product recommendations. Unlock advanced segmentation and personalization options by syncing first-party customer data captured in Okendo to customer profiles in Klaviyo. Learn More Here
User Generated Content Generation
Bring reviews to life with visually stunning display widgets or media galleries that highlight customer generated photos & videos. Champion your social content by leveraging Okendo’s integration with Foursixty, the Instagram & social content powerhouse to sync review UGC & social UGC seamlessly.
Design & Flexibility
Okendo widgets are not only ultra-fast but also extremely flexible in widget designs. That means Okendo ensures a seamless brand experience across all touchpoints and ensures brand identity is always consistent. Leverage their range of widget templates, styling controls and advanced CSS customization options.
Review Highlights
With 80% of customers reading reviews before making a purchase, highlighting your reviews as much as possible is crucial. With opportunities to place carousels on your homepage, push traffic to a dedicated review landing page or simply run Okendo’s floating review tab on all pages. Fast growing brands know that showcasing reviews is equal to increased conversions.
Multi-Channel Marketing
Extend the value of your customer content with the seamless integrations in key marketing channels including Google and Facebook. Enjoy increased engaged traffic by allowing review metafield data to be indexed by Google and even sync your product review feed to display in Google shopping. Higher Google ranking = higher traffic.
Rewards & Incentivisation
Skyrocket review volumes by rewarding customers for their time and information. With Okendo’s tiered incentive system, the more information provided the greater the reward eligibility. This is perfect for brands prioritising UGC submission or those who want to integrate into their existing loyalty system of either LoyaltyLion or Smile. .
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