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Top 10 Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Last Updated: 10 May 2024

For the success of any online store, merchants must explore SEO applications in to help gain customers. Fortunately, Shopify in fact is equipped with a lot of SEO apps for adding on to your website’s visibility in search engines, so you could boost your visibility immediately. Here in this guide, we will see 10 SEO apps that we believe do very well on Shopify. Furthermore, we will especially illustrate the features of each app and how they benefit merchants in the process of reaching the highest rankings.
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Why SEO is important for a Shopify store

Visibility and Traffic: ecommerce SEO are tools that assist in the improvement of an online store's ranking in the search engine results. This simply means that more people are able to locate one's store while they dig through the search results in an attempt to find relevant products or services. More visibility on the site gives rise to more of organic traffic.

Credibility and Trust: Websites that are in the top search positions usually have higher credibility because they are thought to be more trustworthy. With the use of good SEO rules you will be able to develop the authority on your positoning in the market.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Organic search, via SEO, is the a cost-efficient traffic source and it has been a major force for many businesses. Compared to the short-term strategy of paid advertising, it can be more sustainable in the long run and not require continued budget.

Better User Experience: optimisation of your website and the internal structure, which includes content, performance and usability betters SEO as a result. In other terms, it doesn’t stop at improving search rankings here; the user experience is also improved, which increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Competitive Advantage: SEO is not only a crucial element to help a strong online presence in the fiercely competitive e-commerce but also a necessary weapon for you to conquer your competitors. Its benefit is that it enables you to be unique by giving a chance to outrank the competitions and take their market share.

Localised SEO: Physical stores will heavily be affected by localised SEO. This feature guarantees your shop shows in the local search results in which it become crucial while engaging the customers who proximity to your shop.

Data-Driven Decision Making: SEO tools are powerful tools that give marketers valuable data and analytics on their website performance, user behaviour, as well as market trends. This will make your guidance towards strategy to better be determined according to data and your store's statistics.

Long-Term Growth: SEO surely needs time to make any results develop, but it will generate a long-lasting and sustainable growth for your business. When you get the organic traffic, your website campaigns can organically rank well without spending more money on other types of campaigns.

Some key areas you might want to consider for your SEO strategy include:

• Investigating site health and broken links or pages. • Using SEO optimiser tools. • The search engine optimisation settings like modifying meta tag settings, title options, alt tags and so on. • Investigating analytics and reports on how users type queries in the search engine and using this data make search services more effective. • Backlink building.

In light of the fact we have learnt the part played by the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Shopify stores, let us check out the best SEO apps on Shopify that can aid you in using this organic search to your advantage.


1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO originally added for WordPress is now Shopify integrable and it has equally made itself a good player as shopify on-page SEO tool. The app’s core function is being able to use real-time data and suggestions, and this helps guide actionable nuggets as you bring in the art of product descriptions, blog posts, and other kinds of writing to target key terms.

Key Features:
• Real-time Content Analysis: Thanks to Yoast SEO you get immediate feedback that steers you through the process of content adjustment, which comprises headings, images and keywords for instance, and it has to be by the rules of SEO.
• XML Sitemaps: To put it simply, it produces an XML sitemap on auto-pilot mode, which in turn eliminates the strenuous effort of indexing for search engines and, as a result, helps in quick display in any search engine.
• SEO Analysis: An app will assist in a complete analysis of the title, meta description section et. and the containing content. The app will offer a clear suggestion for making improvements.
• Focus Keyword: Yoast SEO can help you choose focus keyword for each of your page, thereby ensuring your content is responsive to particular keywords used for search beforehand.
• Readability Analysis: Apart from SEO, Yoast appraises the readability of your content and proffers advice regarding how to improve user-friendliness by adopting this-that-the-other method.

Yoast SEO simplifies on-page SEO, which makes it understandable and easy to use by users with less knowledge of the technical complexities, while optimising your content for good ranking on search engines.

2. SEO Manager

SEO Manager is Shopify app that is designed with SEO only in mind. It is user friendly and offers a wide range of advanced features for better ranking in search engines.

Key Features:
• Structured Data Markup: SEO manager has a potential of taking your online store one step further with the most advanced structured data such as JSON-LD markup in order to add more enhancing rich-snippets in search results.
• SEO Issue Detection: The app automatically scans for SEO issues on your site and provides clear instructions which directions to follow to fix.
• Automated Meta Tag Optimisation: SEO Manager reduces the load of the work connected with optimisation of meta tags, and descriptions, and URL through the automatic changing of parameters without human participation.
• XML Sitemap Submission: It simplifies the process of both generating and uploading sitemaps to search engine. This typically means that your site will be indexed well.
• Image Optimisation: SEO Manager has functions of image optimisation also, which is the biggest demonstrator of loading times which can improve SEO performance.

SEO manager is a user-friendly tool to optimise your website for the search engines as it is designed for those who have broken their hearts in the quest for the best complex logic of clever SEO.

3. Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate is a multi-lingual SEO Shopify application oriented to everyone who wants to enhance their e-commerce presence and possibilities. It makes the translation process simpler by making it possible for you to find the target markets and audience diversification. This translation also allows search engines around the world to pick up the different languages.

Key Features:
• Automatic Language Detection: Weglot Translate equips you with an automatic language detection mechanism, which brings about a well-adjusted visitor experience as they move within your site.
• SEO-Optimised Translations: An advantage of the Weglot app is that it keeps metadata and tags for translated pages so that even if the SEO aspects are translated, they don't get affected.
• Translation Management: Weglot Translate has a platform that is highly comprehensive at building translations, enabling the customising of the content according to the way you wish it to be delivered to your preferred target audience.
• Enhanced Site Accessibility: Bringing in a highly rated user interface (UI), Weglot Translate enables you to expand the potential customer base on the global market.

Your range of visibility around the world will be maximised with the help of Weglot Translate as it ensures that translated pages get indexed by various search engines thereby making them more visible and discoverable. Bringing in a highly rated user interface (UI), Weglot Translate enables you to expand the potential customer base on the global market. Weglot Translate is an indispensable tool for an organisation that strives to increase shopping volumes and improve website performances in various languages. It is absolutely important for the modern online shopping environment.

4. Booster SEO

Booster SEO is a full-fledged SEO app of interest to Shopify store owners, because it has many SEO-extending features to make your site perform better.

Key Features:
• Bulk Meta Tag Editing: With Booster SEO, you won’t have to waste time and effort in manually editing bulk meta titles, URLs, and descriptions – everything is done for you automatically.
• Structured Data Support: The app incorporates marked-up data for the sake of rich snippets, and heightens your search features.
• SEO Health Monitoring: Booster SEO continously tracks the SEO state of your site, isolating any possible SEO issues and recommending calculations for the suppression of these issues.
• On-Page SEO Guidance: This can be done by providing the user with various options that are realistic and to represent the feedback in a way that makes actions actionable and easy to apply.

• Automated Alt Text Generation: Among these are improving the generation of images' alt text that keeps SEO in hand too and accessibility.

Booster SEO enables Shopify stores to optimise their search engine rankings in a user-friendly and hassle-free manner. We recommend Booster SEO for those looking for ease of use.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, which is known for its success in providing search engine optimisation (SEO) on all types of ecommerce websites. This app is a source of information that demonstrates structure of links, keywords, and other SEO metrics.

Key Features:
• Backlink Analysis: Ahrefs allows you to observe the number and quality of backlinks along with the entire backlink profile which is a key to assessing the performance of your website.
Keyword Research: The app has tools for you to do keyword research comprehensively and tracking keywords if you need.
• Competitor Analysis: Ahrefs, which is a handy tool tgat helps you get the benchmark of your site against competitors to see the strong and weak sides of your SEO strategy.
• Content Research: With Ahrefs' Content research feature, you can write SEO-optimised content, using a data-driven approach. In the first place, you get insights into what performs best in your niche.
• Site Audit: To make your website SEO-healthy, Ahrefs runs fully automated audits and detects issues and provides recommendations on SEO practice.

• Ahrefs is a versatile tool for every e-commerce business as it provides powerful tools for any SEO activities and to compete with the other market players.

6. Smart SEO

Smart SEO is an app designed to streamline your SEO tasks within Shopify. Through this app you can allow yourself to automate various processes concerned with SEO and thus focus exclusively on management of SEO for your own site.

Key Features:
• Bulk Meta Tag Editing: SEO smarts enables bulk screening of meta titles and descriptions and making relevant changes on the page.
• Google PageSpeed Insights Integration: the Smart SEO app becomes an integral part of the Google PageSpeed Insights that is used to improve your site’s performance and also to load within the required time-frame. This is what helps to attain the better SEO rankings.
• Automatic Sitemap Creation: With smart SEO, Google can draw a sitemap of your site content and store that in the search engine directory. This is an automated process, thus saving the time required for the user to create a sitemap and submit it manually to search engines. .
• SEO Issue Detection: the app does it all, from looking for possible issues on your site that could affect the performance of your site search engine and suggesting remedies to the problems.

The goals and benefits of SEO are always clear and enhanced with smart SEO which is the best choice for store owners who want a solution that is easy to use and still extremely productive.

7. Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a SEO application that makes a tremendous impact in the performance of your websites. In such a manner, this search engine optimisation technique is built upon the basis of effective SEO optimisation.

Key Features:
• Detailed Website Traffic Analysis: Google Analytics allows you a deeper understanding of your website traffic thus enabling you determine the sources of the traffic and find out, the behaviour patterns of the visitors during their visit.
• Conversion Tracking: The app let you scrutinise the efficiency of your marketing campaign and conduct to conversion report which are key factors for SEO optimisation.
• Behaviour Analysis: Tracking their behaviour with Google Analytics enables you to identify patterns and give out suggestions of their involvement with your website.
• Integration with Google Search Console: To satisfy this, utilising the Google Search Console could help you to track your site’s performance in Google search and enable the spotting of SEO-related issues and opportunities.
• Custom Reporting and Goal Setting: The Google Analytics app permits you to define goals precisely and generate concrete reports, which will provide a basis for your SEO strategy to act data-driven and oriented at the targets that are set for the business.

Google Analytics is a an advanced monitoring tool for the needs of tracking your SEO progress exactly, data gathering about user behaviour, and SEO strategy improvement. All from the powerhouse that is Google.

8. Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO

The process of image optimisation is crucial when it comes to the formation of SEO. Optimising these in bulk can be a pain and so Hextom can help save merchants a lot of time in effectively editing stores with a multitude of images on site.

Key Features:
• Bulk Image Editing: The app enables users to conduct bulk image editing, thus, allowing them to optimise alt texts for various images’ alt texts in one go, cutting time and sweat.
• Customisable Alt Text: It is feasible to create alt text for all images, and that makes it possible to follow your SEO guidelines and the descriptions as required.
• Automated Alt Text Generation: The app generates alt-text automatically by utilising product details for maximum effectiveness.
• Improved Image SEO: When the alt text is optimised correctly, it improves the SEO strength of images, so the resulting search queries will be more related to your products, and your products will have more visibility. Also, people with disabilities will have access to your images.
• Image Size Optimisation: Along with the option for alt text the app also offers the capability for image sise adjustment and hence, your SEO will be improved.

The image-editing app that is Hextom’s Bulk Image Edit & SEO is useful for those Shopify stores that have a large number of images to work on, and this brings better SEO and site performance through optimising the images to be search engine and user-friendly.

9. AMP by Shop Sheriff:

Google initiated AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which is aimed at improving mobile loading time and UX. AMP by Shop Sheriff helps you apply AMP directly to your Shopify store which is one of the actions you can take in order to improve the mobile SEO for your store.

Key Features:
• AMP Page Generation: The application makes AMP pages into the text automatically, ensuring speedy mobile browsing.
• Mobile-Friendly Design: AMP pages are structured in a way that they offer mobile users a smoother and improved experience of mobile use, an important aspect of ranking in mobile searches.
• Enhanced Search Engine Rankings: AMP will also boost your mobile searches ranking on the search engine, this is very critical as the number of users continue to access website from mobile phones increases across the globe.
• Compatibility with Google's AMP Project: With the help of AMP by Shop Sheriff, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your AMP pages are compliant with the AMP project standards; by taking advantage of the latest mobile-focused technology, you can boost your brand's performance in Google search results.
• Automatic AMP Page Validation: The tool is responsible for the checking of AMP page validation whereby it ensures that your page satisfies all the necessary requirements for compatibility.

Being an SEO-related extension from Shop Sheriff, AMP is a mostly effective tool to level up site's mobile search engine optimisation efficiency, user enjoyment, and standing in mobile search results as well.

10. SEMRush

The keyword research, competitor analysis, and the site auditing features of SEMRush are designed to help improve merchants supercharge their online store's presence.

Key Features:
• Keyword Research and Tracking: the SEMRush app is the champion in keyword research which provide large keyword databases and allows the user to track rankings.
• Competitor Analysis: The app lets you gain a competitive lead by analysing your competitors' tactics and secrets, exposing a chance to better them.
• Site Audit: SEMRush conducts complete website audits, and they show where exactly a merchant needs to improve SEO. In this case, everyone has a clear-cut prioritised list of areas in need of improvement.
• Social Media Management: On the other hand, SEMRush is not merely SEO focused, instead of SEMRush, it offers social media management tools, helping you involve more online channels.
• Content Marketing Toolkit: SEMRush offers tools such as content research that allow you to craft compelling and SEO-able content.

Shopify store owners aiming to lead in SEO and online marketing would find SEMRush as a great tool to have all aspects of your online strategy taken care of, because its service covers numerous fields of digital marketing.

Bonus App: Plerdy

Plerdy is a Shopify App designed for those who are in need of additional SEO options for their Shopify store. This app goes beyond traditional SEO optimisation because it has advanced features that enable merchants to learn more about out user behaviour, user preferences, and the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Key Features:
• Behaviour Analytics: Plerdy generates heatmaps that help to analyse any interactions that users with your website could have thus enabling improvement of user-engaging KPIs on your website.
• Conversion Funnel Analysis: The app provides user’s journey logs and helps merchants optimise conversion rates from data points.
• SEO Metrics and Suggestions: Plerdy can show you key SEO metrics about your store’s SEO performance and give you SEO suggestions to improve your score and meet the newest SEO algorithms and standards.
• User-Friendly Interface: The simplistic interface of Plerdy makes it an easy training ground for the novice user awhile having advanced analysis tools for seasoned individuals.

• Plerdy Shopify App is more that just an SEO app; it’s an all-in-one analytics with the wide range of capabilities which turns Shopify merchants to data-oriented business owners, who are capable to take informed decisions, optimise their stores performance, and achieve success.

Best SEO Apps for Shopify: FAQ’s

Q. Why do I need SEO apps?
A. By using SEO apps, you can improve the position of your site in search results that can in turn give you free organic traffic from the search engines that will turn customers to your shop. Theses apps give you solutions to tasks such as On-page SEO, keyword research, competitor’s analysis, etc.

Q. How can SEO apps help improve my website's ranking in search engines?
A. Apps for SEO are effective in many ways; they can optimise your content, enhance your website's technical performance, and also provide you with important data, which enables you to make informed decisions and better your online store. They can ensure that you smoothly navigate through SEO errors and weaknesses, set keywords that work for your business, meta tags editing, on-page SEO, and help improve your website’s user experience.

Q. Do SEO apps require technical expertise to use?
A. A few apps like Ahrefs and SEMRush are aimed at expert with more knowledge of SEO. Users handbooks, guides and customer support are provided by most of the apps so that you can utilise the best of the features of the apps with assistance if you need to learn.

Q. Can I use these SEO apps for other e-commerce platforms besides Shopify?
A. A few SEO apps featured in this guide may be applied exclusively to Shopify while the others, such as Ahrefs and SEMRush, are versatile and can be used to optimise sites for any e-commerce platforms.

Q. Are there any risks associated with using SEO apps for Shopify?
A. SEO apps have positive effects on your site as long as used appropriately. Incorrect use can cause penalties for the website. To achieve an effective rank it is highly necessary to follow best practices and to avoid low quality SEO techniques that could damage your site`s ranking.

Q. How can I decide which SEO apps are right for my Shopify store?
A. Think about your budget, the extent of technical knowledge that an the app requires and what is included with the services. Numerous apps provide complimentary offers trial periods or basic versions for you to check their functionality and capacity before upgrading to the full plan.

Top SEO Apps for Shopify: Conclusion

No matter if you are interested in decreasing the time for page optimisation, carrying out competitor analysis, enhancing mobile SEO, there is an app fitting your purpose. These apps are going to play a key role as they help you to meet the specific goals of your business. The result is the improvement of your Shopify website's organic search positioning which in return draws more customers to your doorstep. In order to see the most beneficial outcome, try using a number of apps. In case you can't find the perfect app that will execute all your business goals, consdier hiring Charle developers and enjoy a digital store that gives you more freedom to build the future of the businesses. Want to discover our hand-picked selection of best apps for our customers in all industries? Our top 50 shopify apps article will provide you with these.

We've covered various aspects of SEO for beginners and pros alike, from image compression to the importance of alt tags and schema, all of which play vital parts in boosting your search engine rankings. A comprehensive SEO strategy can be more valuable than the cost of advertising, and it can encompass all sorts of tweaks to photos, interface of your website, videos, the code, and beyond for more organic improvements to the online store. Whether you're looking to increase sales, page speed / site speed, image optimization, gain trust without needing reviews, gain revenue, increase orders without needing to implement strategies like subscriptions, search engine optimization practices can boost your website setup to the top position.

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