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Biona is a brand created by Windmill Organics Ltd, a company who are passionate about taste, health and the environment. Biona believe in great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Biona required bespoke Shopify design and web development, with a whole website build being made from scratch. At Charle, we combined Windmill brands into one new website, including Biona, Bonsan and ProFusion so their customers could conveniently shop them all in one place, with each brand page to feel true to their respective brands. As with all our builds, we made sure that each element of the design and development ensured KPIs and performance were optimized for a truly powerful ecommerce experience.

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Bespoke Shopify Design
To begin this exciting project, we conducted a thorough investigation into Biona and the Windmill Organics brands to familiarise ourselves with their brand identity and long-term mission. By doing this, we were able to ensure that we had laid the right groundwork for the future-proofing of the business and the achievement of its strategic goals, while crafting a visual experience that is recognisable and on-brand for Biona's customers.

In the initial design phase, our in-house team of web designers created wireframes for the new Shopify website, with key attention placed on the Recipe sections to build that community feel that embodied the brand, and animated illusrations to give the user experience a more interactive touch. The Shopify themes that Charle developed for each part of the website were made fully bespoke for our merchants. We create a totally unique browsing experience that stands out from the competition by not using any templates during the design process, in contrast to the usual presets that are typically used for the majority of Shopify websites.

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Advanced Shopify Development
We leveraged the Shopify platform to build Biona's custom website in order to take advantage of its cutting-edge features, such as advanced APIs, access to more complex content management tools, and app integrations. These features help Biona deliver a more powerful customer experience and give them access to more advanced backend tools that make managing their online store simple and efficient. Our expert team of in-house Shopify developers got to work in building an advanced online store for Biona after the extensive design and auditing phase was completed. Since the development team built the store from scratch, they were able to implement the very best technology and procedures themselves so that the store could unlock its full potential. At Charle, we pride ourselves on our data-driven and KPI-focused approach as it allows brands like Biona to promote growth and help better achieve their long-term strategic goals.

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