The Only Trick To Social Media

11th January 2019
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value of a web design agency Social Media is changing faster than you can say "is there a filter on that", even we know it is a mind field after all. Is social media really about the number of followers you have? Is your success only measured by the number of likes your last post had? We think not! Our experience in working on social media campaigns and managing the day-to-day cogs of digital marketing has allowed us to learn a lot, but we believe in one simple rule - consistent, unique and inspiring content always wins the race.

Ollie B, creator, model & voice-over artist uses social media platforms including Twitter & Instagram to engage his audience. From the moment we found his profile we couldn't get enough, his content is different and unique from what other accounts are offering . . . quite frankly we were hooked. Ollie never fails to impress us with his continued devotion to publishing unique and engaging content. Ollie has built a modest following and more importantly an engaged audience. You can have thousands and thousands of followers, but if they arn't interested then you may as well have zero.

The internet is rapidly over-saturating with resources aiming to improve social media account growth, from choosing the right hashtags or interacting with other high-yielding accounts yet why is the focus so much on these more "supplementary" techniques. The focus needs to be on content, at the end of the day your audience will engage with your content if they like it . . . simple. Ollie acknowledges the importance of content continuity - "Remember, they tapped the follow button based on what they saw at that time. Don’t deviate too far from that or they will ‘unfollow’ as its not what they signed up for. Progress and develop your content but try not to take too many sharp turns."

"Instagram is flooded with the same stuff. As soon as one person discovers their own loop-hole with style, posting strategy, editing, new video idea or location to shoot at - the flock are right behind ready to copy and paste. I have been that guy for sure - I think we all have at some point. Since stopping, re-thinking and creating what I want to create, I have seen a huge increase in engagement on my content. The world is a tough crowd. Every time I upload something I think ‘but this isn’t my best / people won’t like this as much / what if I loose followers if I post this’. You just have try new things. For every ten ideas that go live on my Instagram, one is a success. Trial and error with a sprinkle (heap) of patience is my number one tip."

Firstly remember that you won't have thousands of people listening and loving your content over-night, it takes time and dedication to truly build a base of people who are interested in your content, value what you have to say and keep on coming back. Treat every post as an opportunity to impress new members of the incerdible community you are building. Accept that you wont always win, some posts just wont perform and others will sky rocket. Believe us when we say - you'll learn a hell of lot more from your failures than you will from your successes. Organic social media is a slow burner, time consuming and often frustrating however give it the love care and attention it needs and it will work for you whether you're releasing your first album or a corporate business. The key is persistence. Yes we know there are other factors to consider with social media, but we feel the community is loosing touch with the importance of great creative content - so we hope this helped you focus on the reason you started posting on social media in the beginning.

Follow @byollieb on Instagram and Twitter to see more of his awesome content!

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