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The Brief
Hibana is the spark between independent brands with inspiring stories to tell and conscious shoppers who want more from their purchases. Hibana is more than just a place to buy beautiful things. They are the home of the UK’s best independent brands who have passionate people at their core, authenticity at their heart and the most inspiring stories to tell. We were tasked to not only develop a beautiful bespoke Shopify theme powered by the very best features that Shopify has to offer but to help them deliver a marketplace power house. The brief involved enhancing the ability of Shopify by allowing Hibana to create unique brand pages that synced the products from the brands too. We partnered with Hibana to launch the brand in the UK with the very best technology behind them.

Shopify Development

Shopify Development
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Multi Vendor Marketplace Integration

Multi Vendor Marketplace Powered By Shopify
Hibana is the UK's most authentic and passionate marketplace offering fashion, gifts and lifestyle products. Shopify's standard functionality does not offer, natively, the marketplace features that Hibana required. Marketplace functionality includes the ability to allow other stores to sell directly through a marketplace store, allow vendor order payments to be made and offer a portal for vendors to control their product offering. Not only can customers filter products by the brand but also by product type and more. We worked with Hibana's design team to deliver a clean, stylistic and immerse on-site experience.

Bespoke Shopify Theme Development
We collaborated with Hibana's design team to create an online experience that was focused on delivering both brand narrative from vendors whilst immersing customers in an easy and clear way to explore some amazing product ranges. Wee built an entirely bespoke Shopify theme from the ground up incorporating the best Shopify practices, content management leaving Hibana fully in control and finally fully optimised for both desktop, mobile / anything inbetween. The Shopify development also includes a 'real-time' basket allowing customers to see their cart in real time without page refresh when adding new items to the cart. Finally, we also utilised Shopify's product recommendations module, driven by data, customers will receive intelligent product recommendations on products that they are most likely to be interested in. You can learn more about Shopify's AI driven recommendations here. We look forward to continue supporting Hibana with our membership plans.
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