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Why Hire A Web Design Agency?

5th July 2019
What are the benefits of choosing a Web Design Agency rather than making a website yourself?

We understand it can be quite a scary decision when choosing whether to invest into your website by hiring a professional web design agency or to use a "out-of-the-box" make it yourself solution. Here's why we think it is always best to hire an web design agency and the benefits you get with it. As a boutique web design agency in London we really feel our digital web design agency services benefit our clients businesses & digital presence!

boutique website design agency london Out of the box websites using page builders and standardised templates do have a time and a place. We suggest, if you don't have available investment into your digital presence then this is the best option until youd o. However, when you do have the ability to invest into your website design and digital presence . . . then you definitely should!

First things first, what actually would a web design agency do? We can only speak for ourselves but we think a well structured web design build project should look something like this. First we start by getting to know our client, the industry they work within and outline key design trends - from here we can build a foundation to the arena they trade within and be equiped to get our web design heads ready. Following this, we begin hand designing website concepts from scratch - we never rely on templates and are not controlled by page builders. We hand-craft and design websites from scratch - pen to paper. We run a feedback-led ammendments phase to really perfect the website, producing designs for both mobile & desktop. Our designs are aesthetically pleasing, target market focused and conversion-centric to meet your goals. Once the web designs are complete we then begin coding the designs to bring them to life into fully functioning, living & breathing websites. Finally, in-depth mutli-browser web testing begins to ensure bugs & imperfections are ironed out!

This still leaves us with the question of why a web design agency professionally creating your website is better than an off-the-shelf alternative. The first advantage you get is that you have a professional design team crafting the look of your website from scratch - this a key opportunity to stand out from your competitors as the designs are bespoke and not using over-used templates. We also have freedom to conduct in-depth user-journey analysis to ensure we design the website with conversions and sales in mind. For example, strategically placed call-to-action buttons across the web design. These are just some of the advantages, they are endless - don't forget we can really design your website in-line with your brand guideline and include engaging content such as interaction-effects, page transitions and animations.

Don't forget you get the huge benefit of having a skilled developer code your website from scratch, for example we will code the website with search engine optimisation in mind by targeting key words within the code itself. We thoroughly test the code across multiple devices and browsers to ensure all of your visitors see your website in the best shape. We, as a boutique web design agency, are skilled professionals at optimising your website to perform at it's best.

We understand many new businesses do not have the budget to invest highly into a boutique website design agency, we see first hand the benefits of bespoke websites. We always start a website design project by understanding the requirements of the website and we strategically work through the build-needs to effectively plan content management & growth. We become your on-hand digital consultancy agency to offer a wealth of experience and advice to help your website perform at it's best.

To conclude, although templated websites are helpful for creating a quick online presence, we highly recommend investing into your website so you do not compromise on the quality and brand identity of your company. Remember your website might be the first time a new customer sees you. Bespoke designed websites are incredibly obvious to spot amongst the over crowded space of templated websites and your digital identity should not be under-estimated. Statistics have shown us users are more likely to convert when they are immersed in well-designed websites.

If you would like some advice or further information on bespoke website design and our web design agency services, click here to get in touch We've revolutionised many of client's website with bespoke website design and development. Click here to see some of our most recent work. We are a boutique London based web design agency ready to transform your website.

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