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Making Ecommerce Websites Stand Out

28th January 2019
Selling Online Does't Have To Look The Same!

Online e-commerce stores are popping up so quickly. With the rise of easy DIY website software, pretty much anyone can get selling online with little website knowledge and also very low startup costs. However we have noticed a design trend that we are determined to fight - why are e-commerce websites all looking the same? Navagation categories on the left, logo in the top left and the basket on the right - it is like our creative freedom has been stolen!

ecommerce website design agency Okay, we'll stop moaning. We are a very positive bunch here at Charle - but we all love a good moan every now and then! We want our last journal post of January to promote the notion that online stores can look however you want them to! We've noticed even amongst the biggest online retail players - they all adopt a very similar e-commerce website design.

Although it does upset our design hearts a little, we think we know why companys opt for very standard website design. Firstly consumers are used to it - "cart abondment rates" are incredibly high so we understand retailers might not want to run the risk of loosing a customer because they find the user-interface confusing - but if you user-interface is designed well this won't be a problem! Another reason might be that the design is trialled and testing - why fix what's not broken? - because you won't stand out if you are not different! Finally, we know that many startup's don't have huge budgets therefore opt for low-price website makers which are often very limited - investing into professional website creation will pay for itself!

We here at Charle love to disrupt. Every project we start begins with in-depth competitor research to make our design team and also our clients aware of the current design trends within the industry we are working with. From this knowledge, we look for gaps, ways we can be different and stand out - besides who wants to be identical to someone else?

If you are designing an e-commerce website or ecommerce store then we challenge you to think outside of the "design trend" box - only then you will produce a website that stands out from competition. We are experienced in developing e-commerce websites with many e-commerce providers including woocommerce and magento - we go to the extremes to keep our designs unique and push the boundaries that these e-commerce platforms put in place! We'll Leave you with our 3 top tips for designing e-comerce websites:

1. Don't copy your competitors!
2. Take inspiration from your every day life to come up with unique design ideas.
3. Use a professional e-commerce website development agency to make the online experience OUT OF THIS WORLD and your potential customers won't want to leave.

Need help with your e-commerce website? Get in touch, we'd love to help!

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