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Creative Design For A Good Cause

21st October 2019
Why is it important to consider creative design for your companies Charitable events?

We as a creative agency in London, produce designs for a variety of requirements and events. Recently we designed social media assets for Another Space to advertise their charity-cycle-rides with all profits going to the mental health charity Mind.

creative design agency london Our creative design for Another Space got us thinking about the importance of design consideration when marketing events that are for a good cause. Sometimes we forget the importance of well executed digital marketing for non-profitable campaigns, however we shouldn't! We believe in the importance in telling the world about charity work as though it's a direct marketing service campaign!

When companies run charity events, we still have to market them, we still have a target demographic, we still have a platform plan of execution, for example social platforms. Therefore we should view the way we market the events as the same as any other. For Another Space we used a standard campaign plan as though we were marketing any other event, similar assets and same channel release. So remember when you are running a charity event to raise money and promote the great work a charity does - consider creative design when gaining traction with your customers or members. Creative design statistically improved engagement which will inevitably improve the money raised for the cause you are pushing! We were so proud to get behind & produce creative design content for Another Space's Partnership with Mind Charity. Head over to our Instagram to see it live.

We ask our clients to involve us and we believe you should involve your creative agency in your charitable events. If you would like some advice or further creative design services on bespoke marketing design & digital content, click here to get in touch We've revolutionised many of client's digital design with bespoke marketing campaign assets. Click here to see some of our most recent work.

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