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20th March 2020
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Web Design Agency London As businesses, families, friends and colleagues, we are all making huge lifestyle changes amidst the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. The devastating effect the disease is having across the globe is unprecedented however it is times like these that we witness solidarity amongst communities and business to do everything we can, it is times like these we see the very best of human-kind.

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Business is incredibly unstable at the moment and we understand how stressful the uncertainty is. As a web design and digital agency in London, we would like to offer free consultancy marketing advice to any business that needs us. We might not have all the answers to your web design and digital questions but we are here to help the best way we can!

Whilst the masses are advised to remain in the safety of their homes, our NHS continue to put themselves at risk to save lives. We’ve witnessed some great initiatives from brands to help in any way they can, here are our favourite actions we’ve seen brands take to help our valued NHS workforce.

Gillette: Free Razors for Front Ambulance Staff
When treating a patient who has suspected symptoms of the virus, NHS staff protect themselves using a skin-sealing mouth and face mask. For the mask seal to be complete it is advised that NHS staff should clean shave for maximum protection. Gillette is saying thank you for the work ambulance teams are continuing to do to help us all fight the spread of the COVID-19 here in the UK by giving away free razors. If you are an NHS frontline worker you can order your free-razor from their website. Click here to view their website

XITE Energy: 15,000 Cans and Counting
We’ve been working with XITE to create a brand new website design and development over recent months and us so proud to see what incredible work they’ve been doing to support frontline NHS staff. XITE energy, are keeping front-line NHS staff energised by hand-delivering 15,000 cans to local A&E departments and more. They didn’t just stop there! They are also giving 50% of profits from online orders to NHS charities. Great work XITE Energy!

PRET: Free Hot Drinks
The leading coffee chain, PRET are giving NHS frontline staff free hot drinks and 50% off food to make these difficult times that little bit easier. Although coffee is a small gesture, often the smallest tokens of appreciation can go a long way!

From the team at Charle, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our incredible NHS for being there for us at these challenging times.

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