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Bespoke Designed Website or Template Website?

24th March 2019
Which type of website design should you choose for your business?

We get asked this very question a lot and hear our prospective clients respond "but templated website are so cheap, don't look bad and are quick". We also always provide the same answer - "there is a time and a place for bespoke website design and similarly the same for using templated ready-made website".

bespoke website design agency london Templated websites are generic, pre-built website that you can buy for a very low price or sometimes even free. Template websites are often offered by providers with their own code-free content management systems. Generally speaking, templated websites are less flexible in terms of design and the owner is limited to the elements of the template and the ability of the content management system.

We think templated websites are great for start up businesses who do not have any budget available to invest into their digital presence and website design - templated websites are an opportunity to not miss out entirely on online customers if you don't have the funds to invest into professional services. However, as previously mentioned - customisation is often limited - massively effecting the user experience. The coding can often be very heavy meaning the website can load slowly and search engine optimisation can be difficult.

A bespoke website is a tailor-made website designed from scratch by industry professionals. The designs are then hand coded by a developer to function to the exact business requirements. The developer can consider bespoke integration into a specific content management system, if the client requires, without compromising on design quality or user-experience. The developer will focus on the fine details of the coding process to ensure the website displays well across all browsers & devices, complies with W3C HTML & CSS standards and maximising the potential for the website to rank on search engines.

Although we understand many new businesses do not have the budget to invest highly into website design we see first hand the benefits of bespoke websites. We always start a website design project by understanding the requirements of the website and we strategically work through the build-needs to effectively plan content management & growth. We become your on-hand consultancy team to offer a wealth of experience and advice to help your website perform at it's best.

To conclude, although templated websites are helpful for creating a quick online presence we highly recommend investing into your website so you do not compromise on the quality and brand identity of your company. Remember your website might be the first time a new customer sees you. Bespoke designed websites are incredibly obvious to spot amongst the over crowded space of templated websites and your digital identity should not be under-estimated. At the end of the day - you pay for what you get.

If you would like some advice or further information on bespoke website design, click here to get in touch We've revolutionised many of client's website with bespoke website design and development. Click here to see some of our most recent work.

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